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Far-Flung Friends
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July 2006
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fairygothmommy [userpic]

"I didn't make this, and it's not a photo, so I dont know if it fits the
criteria, but I thought you might want to post it on that photo blog."

As you can see, it totally fit the criteria. Thanks for the post, Scooter! (okay, so he's resident Cartooniste, but it doesn't look as good with an 'e' on the end.)

fairygothmommy [userpic]

A photo of the gorilla statues (lookit the cute little apes!) from near the ape house in the Lincoln Park Zoo. The statue was a donation, and apparently exists only to scare the pants off of little children, who can't tell it from the real thing. As we watched, a little one of about two had to be coaxed into even touching the bronze fur. Everytime she'd get close to touching the gorillas she would freak out and retreat. The little one in our party, literalist that she is, had no trouble with this particular issue.

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fairygothmommy [userpic]


The Sign from a recent trip to Kiddieland. This is one of a number of my childhood hangouts that is currently at risk of being lost. The park is aimed at kids from about age 3 to high-schoolers, and recently decided that all drinks are free (thanks to PepsiCo). I had to get a shot of the sign, because it's such a great chunk of Americana, and it's still in perfect working order.

fairygothmommy [userpic]

Welcome to Far-Flung Friends. This post is the beginning of an endeavor that will hopefully last until all of us get bored of looking at photos and hearing new stories. In the case of this particular moderator, that will be never, so you're probably stuck with us for a while.

This community  will be open to new members, not just those of us in the original circle. All you have to do is ask to be added, send in a post, and it will be up for all to see. There are only a few rules for this particular adventure:

1. No nudity, please. We want to keep this fairly clean. Things done in costume; bare backs, arms, legs, and even swimsuits are encouraged.  But if we can see anything that's typically designated "private", then it's out.  Besides, do you really want naked photos of yourself out there for all to see? For most of us, the answer is 'no.' Just remember that this is a public site, and work as such.

2. Keep profanity to a minimum. It slips out occasionally, particularly if your'e telling a compelling story, and that's fine, but do try to keep it low, there.

3. Don't be afraid to post photos of things you think are weird, different, or even that you aren't sure others will like. I want to see everything from computer building to convention attendance. Give us your tired, your wired, your SCA clothes yearning to be free. All photos will be adored and loved on.

4. If you see other photos and stories posted, please comment. Let people see what you think of things...try and keep it polite (as if that needed to be said.)

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