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Far-Flung Friends (and Photos)

A full account of the weirdness that is everyday life.

Far-Flung Friends
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1. No nudity, please. We want to keep this fairly clean. Things done in costume; bare backs, arms, legs, and even swimsuits are encouraged. But if we can see anything that's typically designated "private", then it's out. Besides, do you really want naked photos of yourself out there for all to see? For most of us, the answer is 'no.' Just remember that this is a public site, and work as such.

2. Keep profanity to a minimum. It slips out occasionally, particularly if your'e telling a compelling story, and that's fine, but do try to keep it low, there.

3. Don't be afraid to post photos of things you think are weird, different, or even that you aren't sure others will like. I want to see everything from computer building to convention attendance. Give us your tired, your wired, your SCA clothes yearning to be free. All photos will be adored and loved on.

4. If you see other photos and stories posted, please comment. Let people see what you think of things...try and keep it polite (as if that needed to be said.)

5. If you have an issue with anyone not following the rules, please email one of the admins.If you receive a complaint against you, it'll be reviewed. If it's deemed warranted, the post will be modified/erased and you'll receive a warning. 2 warnings are allowed before you're asked to leave. (read: booted.)

Admin List: Fairygothmommy